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Amine Larhrib's headshot

Amine Larhrib

Amine Larhrib is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technology, as well as traditional finance

About Amine.

After a Master’s of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor’s of Commerce from McGill University, Amine spent 8 years in capital markets related roles in Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East. During his tenure, Amine held a number of senior client coverage roles across various asset classes. His responsibilities span from Sovereign Wealth Funds across the EMEA to Equity Derivatives Interbank intermediation.
Amine also worked on a variety of consumer goods and technology related startups.

Main Idea.

Amine believes that the widespread adoption of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), will benefit the financial system, and understands the importance of developing smart tools for DAO’s and DeFi participants to comply with the nascent regulation around this new technology, and help reduce friction between blockchain and traditional banking.

His Philosophy.

His philosophy is based on three main points: 
- Widespread adoption of Decentralized Finance will benefit the financial space
- Complying with the nascent regulation around this new technology, it is important to develop smart tools for DAO’s and DeFi participants;
- Reducing friction between blockchain and traditional banking.

Its goal is to mitigate the risk of DeFi participants by offering a way for people to connect their crypto wallets to the traditional banking system.

CRD Network.

CRD Network is essentially a suite of apps built on Hyperledger Besu, a private Ethereum-based blockchain that makes the whole infrastructure flexible enough to allow institutions and individuals to interact with DeFi and build apps on top of it.The Network uses its native ERC-20 based token, CRD Token.

Moreover, the CRD Network allows DeFi users to participate in a regulated environment: its anonymous Proof-Of-KYC product allows users to protect their privacy while complying with regulations. 

Finding Unique Solutions.

Amine is also the founder of DLTify UAB, a company that finds unique solutions to solving blockchain-related problems.

DLTify UAB aims at deploying applications and integrations that favour the use of SEPA networks and architecture, and any other infrastructure that is cost effective for the user.The target market is served by providing hyper customized deployments that will create use cases of specific market segments.  The deployment is such that banking and payment services should be adapted to the needs of the users, and as such the services are customized to provide perfect market fit to serve very niche communities.

Also in this case, Amine’s work represents his vision: making complex financial products available to everyone.